Dark Souls 2 Hack

Dark Souls 2 Hack


If you’re like me then you’re tired of dying so much in Dark Souls 2. For me Dark Souls 2 was the first game i personally played from the Souls franchise. I really enjoyed the game, i made it to NG+++ before i started using hacks for Dark Souls 2. I still play sometimes without hacks, but after you get far into the game you reach a point where there is not much else to do besides PvP and that is where this hack shines!

Nothing beats the rage of another player after losing when your hacking. I love getting angry messages on Xbox live, i find it hilarious. The Dark Souls 2 hack tool here i found after much searching. It allows you to change the memory in the game to change your health, stamina, damage, hit box, etc.. I find just a little boost is best as it raises less suspicion and it still is really fun. There is another option as well for speed hacks but i don’t recommend that. I don’t know if it is just me but i don’t like running around like a crack baby. Haha.

Dark Souls 2 hacks are just really fun. Hacking in any game is fun. My personal philosophy is to beat the game first (or progress to as far as my interest allows) and then start cheating. It extends gameplay by a few extra days even weeks. There are a few Dark Souls cheats out there, for instance the Shrine of Winter glitch allows you to skip half the game. Whether you like cheating or playing “fair” i suggest everyone try this Dark Souls hack first before you try it out.

Dark Souls 2 Hack